Sunday, December 21, 2008

the weekend that never ends... (pt1)

Friday night Brandon had a party for some of his new work friends...

This party included a lot of elbow grease on my part. I don't mind doing it, especially since I only had one kid on my hands that day. Gabriel was off cavorting out of town with Nana, SoSo and GG to Brenham for a party of their own.

Naturally Ethan got into a spot of trouble whilst I was neglecting him to attend to domestic duties. For one thing, he got into my purse and had a grand old time with my lipstick.

After cleaning up THAT mess (which included walls, area rugs, and wood flooring), I went about my chores as he played merrily outside, where he could stay out of mischief - until he came screaming back into the house after picking a fight with a prickly pear. No worries, mommy will just pluck those right out of your hands and face and you can settle on the couch and watch some cartoons....

At last, the house was spotless and I could tend to lower priority issues - like the broken furniture holding all of Gabriel's pre-school curriculum.

I did what anyone would do in this situation, I called my mom! She is brilliant and recommended I wrap it.

Isn't it cute? I left it up. We did eventually move the box and magazine file to make that area a "bar". The microwave cart is a bit sloppy but at this point I was getting tired. You see, I still have a head cold and by the time everyone arrived, I was ready for bed.

Despite the fact that I spent the party mentally writing a Stephen-King-esque novel about a sinus infection that becomes a curse that whispers to the carrier to do evil things until it eventually becomes so intense the carrier's sinus cavities explode, the carrier dies an ugly death and the infection gets passed on to another unsuspecting chump - the party was a lot of fun!

I have some funny pictures of these super cool people making funny faces - but Brandon has suggested that since they are new friends at his new place of employment, it might be considered discourteous of me to publish their pictures and video on the internet. So the next time I meet them I will have to have THE conversation with them that is so tedious to bloggers - "if we are going to be friends, your pictures and video will probably at some point end up on the internet - you're cool with that right?" Hahahahahahaha!

Meanwhile, this is what Gabriel was up to...

thanks for the pics Lee!

OK, bloggers - how do you handle the etiquette of publishing pictures and video on the web that is not you or your immediate family (who have presumably already caved to your incessant blogging)? Is there etiquette for this yet? Or is it still too new?

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Krista P said...

If the picture or video comes from a public place, they are fair game on the blog. But if it's a private gathering, technically you need a release signed. ;)

Personally I'd go along with your witty "you're coll with that, right?" comment.

Your Mom is so smart - I love her. I'm totally calling her the next time I find myself in a similar situation.

Let's plan for a dual publication date. It will work out well since our genres will be different