Thursday, December 11, 2008

Minimalist or Pathetic?

Our Christmas decorations: minimalist or pathetic? You decide. (I think maybe I need more decorations).

Only the love of a mother allows one to swipe another's candy cane.

Gabriel looking very grown up. Kasha, looking very annoyed - as usual.

FYI: hung with care

Kasha's stocking.

I insisted Gabriel get in the picture, he insisted he bring his balloon.

Pac-tree (Brandon has resurrected an obsession)

one of my favorite ornaments

my tree's theme is "fancy" - as in, anything that strikes our fancy goes on the tree

That's all the decorations for the Grigg household, save some mistletoe in the kitchen. Word to the wise, plastic mistletoe does not photograph well.


Pearl said...

Thank you for the birthday wish. Yes the 4D is amazing!

As for the decorations: I like. The added touches like Pac Man, Snoopy and Starbucks really make it your own and lets you display parts of your personality that aren't normally displayed as decorations. Another reason why Christmas decorating can be so fun!

Also, I have the same exact Eiffel Tower ornament. It is always hard to find a good branch for it since it is so heavy. But still a goody!

So, overall, I think that the Christmas decorations are very personable and special. Neither minimalist nor pathetic. Thats just my take.

The Stiletto Mom said...

They look great! The pac man cracks me up, if my son had his way we would have an entire tree of pokemon and sonic! I love the orange on your pretty!!!!

Krista P said...

I'm lovin' the Grigg Christmas decore' vibe!

These all made me smile.