Sunday, December 21, 2008

the weekend that never ends... (pt2)

Saturday Night:

Our church had it's Christmas party! Parties parties parties - I tell you: this time of year can make anyone feel popular!

We hit MAJOR traffic on the famed 1604 (famed for traffic jams in San Antonio). This is how we entertained ourselves...

At last! We arrived at our party! Hungry people were peeking out the windows at us as our late arrival forced everyone to wait for dinner. Here are the fancy place settings.

But guess what? We got to sit at the kids table!

Hayley and Mitchell crack me up!

We weren't the only "adults" - Josh and Beth were sequestered to the kids table as well. Josh punked my kid's fork! He must have been hungry...
Ethan couldn't wait to get down from the table to play with all of Rita and Al's great toys Their grand kids are the same age as our kids - these toys aren't for Al and Rita, at least I don't think they are...

Ethan and Ezra retired to the parlor to chill out.
Note that Ezra and Gabriel were wearing the same shirt that night.

Aruni is beautiful in this picture.

Hayley busted out on the baby grand...

Super cool friends, Josh and Beth...

Hey! Who are those good looking people?

...ah, but the giraffe IS doing yoga, grasshopper.

There was a ginger bread house decorating contest. We broke out into teams. My team was me, my mil and Mike (Hayley and Mitchell's dad). We made baby Jesus in the manger. Actually that was the fourth or fifth incarnation of our creation. But clearly it was the BEST.

Brandon, Josh and a reluctant Hayley were on a team and made the "summer home / trailer" that Santa lives in. Note the pink flamingo - excellent craftsmanship!

My fil, GG, Beth and Aruni (Hayley and Mitchell's mom) were on a team and made a very lovely gingerbread house. It looks like it just fell out of the pages of Southern Gingerbread Living. Gorgeous.


Nadine said...

Those gingerbread homes were great. What fun to have a contest at a party.

Krista P said...

so much fun!